Building Resilience: Courage in Adversity

Eight insights from the ‘Courage in Adversity’ webinar

What does it mean to be courageous in business in 2020? And in a year like few others, how can people develop professional and personal resilience to deal with setbacks and challenges? The latest in the Building Resilience series of webinars explored these questions in more detail. Here are eight key talking points and insights from the event.

Courage in Adversity


Leadership, purpose and ethics

“Leadership, Purpose and Ethics.”

Tuesday 27 October 17.30 BST / 18.30 SAST / 12.30 EST

The economic crisis touching every part of the world is forcing organisations to re-examine their values and broader purpose. It is increasingly apparent that those leading without accountability, empathy and ethics will not survive this period and that business leaders must look to support the widest set of stakeholders. It has never been more pressing for leaders of every sector to steer themselves in a moral direction.

Join us as we hear from leaders who will tell us why young people must have the knowledge and resilience to address the challenges confronting our professional and personal lives.