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June 26, 2020
Europe could set the standard for non-financial reporting

Europe could set the standard for non-financial reporting

15 June 2020: in a new paper, ICAEW has called for a ‘bridged’ European and international approach to standard-setting. Nigel Sleigh-Johnson, Director, Technical Strategy Accountability Group and Susanna Di Feliciantonio, Head of European Affairs, explain why. The COVID-19 pandemic has battered human, social and economic capital across the globe. To […]
June 21, 2020
Business in India

Doing Business ABCS (Actions, Behaviours, Cultures): Doing Business in India

India is often described in different ways, a fitting reflection of its complexity and colour and summed up perfectly in its prescient tourism slogan, Incredible India.
April 8, 2020
COVID 19: Time to close?

COVID-19: Is it time to pause or close up permanently?

With the COVID-19 shutdowns biting, clients are looking for advice on whether to press pause or exit a business entirely. At midday on Monday [24 March] cafes, gyms, bars and restaurants across Australia shut their doors or severely curtailed operations amid a government-ordered shutdown. Beauty therapists (but not yet hairdressers) […]
April 8, 2020

ARTICLE: How to strategise business survival in the COVID-19 pandemic

For many businesses, a pandemic can derail company strategy and cause a range of unforeseen challenges. So how should organisations respond? The news is dominated by details of the COVID-19 pandemic. New, conflicting information is available daily. The number of confirmed cases continues to grow, as does the number of […]
July 3, 2019
sustainable energy

Innovative technologies like blockchain can unlock sustainable development goals

Innovative technologies like blockchain can bring transparency and traceability to ensure progress towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and chartered accountancy and finance professionals have a key role to play in analysing and interpreting the data new technology brings. This was the key finding from young professionals at Finance&Business2030. […]
July 3, 2019
sustainable development in business

Chartered Accountants call on finance sector to lead by example in promoting sustainability and diversity

Chartered Accountants are encouraging finance companies to share their knowledge widely, and promote diversity, as ways to work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Following the launch of Finance & Business2030, Chartered Accountants Worldwide polled over 120 delegates from the public, private and third sectors for their reactions.
June 25, 2019

Chartered Accountants can play a role in balancing technology and trust in an A.I. powered world

Accountants can play a valuable role to ensure broad public trust in technologies like artificial intelligence. At the same time, accountants also need to upskill to stave off the threat of automation replacing the process-driven parts of their jobs. 
June 4, 2019

A fair trade model for the B2B sector: how finance can apply innovation to tackle UN SDGs

Applying fair trade concepts more widely across industry, promoting cooperatives, and sharing financial expertise with grassroots organisations are all ways in which the finance community can help towards meeting the 2030 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).
April 3, 2018

The ASEAN edge

The bright lights and glamorous image of cities such as London, New York and Tokyo often lure young professionals seeking an overseas work experience. However, those with an astute sensitivity to the changing winds in the business world will know that a stint within the ASEAN region will be no less enriching to their careers.
November 30, 2016

Cybersecurity: Identify the weakest link

Do forensic accountants have a role to play in investigating cybercrime? Rachel Richardson ACA and Paul Kelly ACA consider the forensic accountant’s skillset against the backdrop of this new and rapidly growing type of fraud.