LGBT History Month – Interview with Charles Wild

Interview with Charles Wild

Listen to Charles Wild (Stonewall Bi Role Model of the Year 2020) talk about their personal journey and exceptional work on advancing LGBT+ workplace equality, advocating more Bi+ and Trans inclusion for LGBT+ communities within Grant Thornton.

Charles is a leading advocate for Non-Binary and Bi+ inclusion within the UK corporate community.

In their role as LGBT+ Network Convenor for Grant Thornton, Charles has sought to ensure that Grant Thornton’s LGBT+ network is as inclusive as possible for bi+ and trans* people, being the first openly trans* person in the firm.

Charles has personally led a number of recent initiatives, including updating the firm’s organisational policies to ensure that they are inclusive for LGBT+ people (including implementing a transitioning at work policy), updating the firm’s dress code, launching an ‘Inclusion Allies’ programme and a LGBT+ reverse mentoring scheme for the firm’s senior leaders.

They are an active member of ‘Trans In The City’, an open collaboration between over 80+ leading companies, and organisations active within the City of London, to share knowledge, guidance and information to increase trans awareness and education.

Charles expresses their non-binary gender publicly and is resolutely proud of their sexuality.

Charles is a proud husband and father of two wonderful daughters. In addition to their vocational qualifications, is a Bachelor of Social Science (with Honours) from the University of Birmingham and an MBA (with Distinction) from the Business School formerly known as Cass.

Interview with Charles Wild

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