Felix Mwansa

My name is Felix Mwansa, I was born on 17th September. I am most passionate about influencing my society postively in order to leave it a better place than I found it in the interest of the unborn generation. I am also passionate about imparting knowledge because I believe that education and information acquired from learning act as one’s greatest tool in life that bring to an end all the struggles faced.

I did my tertiary education at Zambia ICT College from July, 2017 to June, 2019, where I pursued the Chartered Accountant Zambia Professional Qualification. I served as interim General Secretary and then as Vice President of the College Student’s Chapter. I also attained remarkable achievements, including; obtaining highest marks at National Level in the ZiCA CA Zambia Professional examinations and was awarded with nine bestperforming student certificates.

I am currently employed by the Bank of Zambia as an assistant accountant in the finance department.

I am also the author of a book titled ‘Living A Purposeful Life’, a motivational/Inspirational speaker, part-time lecturer, teacher and a strategic advisor.