Lontya Kalililo

My name is Lontya and I’m in my final year of my Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) degree at Torrens University Australia. Apart from study, I am a Chartered Accountant Student Representative, a graduate accountant at William Buck and a strong lover of old movies, books and all things food.

Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”. I can attest to this seeing how I have been privileged with the gift of education and it’s changed my life unimaginably. Therefore, I’m intensely determined to assist young men and women to receive an education that gives them the chance to prosper. It is also my hope that by advocating for gender equality, girls and women all around the world will be empowered to reach their full potential.

I am extremely eager to be representing CA ANZ at the One Young World Summit in London and I hope to learn from other young leaders making a positive impact in the global community. I aim to learn not just for myself, but for a generations yet to come.