Lyle Malander

Lyle is the winner of SAICA’s Top 35-under-35 competition for 2018.

He is a daring and driven entrepreneur who launched Malander Advisory, a chartered accounting and financial advisory firm, in 2015. He has since also launched Malander Placements, a recruitment firm, and Malander Digital, an IT firm. And they just recently opened a branch in London.

At just 30 years, Lyle Malander is not merely a trendy businessman but a trailblazer whose ambitions are fuelled by making a difference and creating a legacy. His core focus is providing professional advisory and resource solutions to various large and listed entities.

Lyle is proud to say that in 2,5 years the Malander businesses have derived revenue in excess of R40 million. His hard work and arduous hours have turned his dreams into reality.



Lyle Malander