Osama Ahmed Shaikh

Osama Ahmed Shaikh began his professional career in October 2012 as an Audit Associate at “EY” for a 3.5 years training program to pursue Chartered Accountancy and subsequently joined EY as a permanent employee in the role of Manager, Audit and Assurance Services. He manages a mixed audit and non-audit portfolio of over 40 clients including large public sector companies, listed, private and multinational companies.

He also represented EY at National Finance Olympiad 2018 as a team leader. He currently has moved to a rank of Executive Manager at EY. During his so far tenure with EY, he has the exposure of working with EY offices of different countries including Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia for the purposes of external and internal audits of different companies.

Apart from his role in EY, He also serves as a senior member in the role of Chief Financial Officer at “Foundation Fighting Poverty” which is a non-profit organisation working in Pakistan for 10 years now in areas like Zero Hunger, No Poverty, Climate Change, Gender Equality and so on. He also manages a business venture with the name of “Royal Tourism Pakistan” engaged in serving tourist activities and packages within Pakistan.

Twitter: @osamashaikh41