Pearlyn Lau

Pearlyn is currently a 2nd year associate in PwC’s Technology, Information, Communication and Entertainment group, General Assurance line of service. As part of People’s Initiative Committee, she organises and executes numerous events for the department.

Pearlyn was awarded the Joint Winner of the International Subject Order of Merit – ACA Certificate Level/ICAEW CFAB Management Information (August 2018) for attaining top honours for the academic paper globally. Amongst her other accolades, she received the Highest Achievement for the Business Planning: Insurance exam (June 2018) and the Audit & Assurance exam (September 2018).

What does winning the Chartered Star competition mean to you?

Winning the competition meant that I would be able to represent ICAEW and CAW at the Summit which is an incredible honour. Being chosen out of so many entries means that I have been some form of inspiration and that my thoughts are on the right track.

Why are you excited to attend One Young World?

The One Young World Summit is an attractive opportunity to interact with my peers and be counselled by the current leaders of the World. I’m looking forward to hearing from the speakers, as well as interacting and building strong relationships with other like-minded youths.

What plenary topic are you most passionate about and why?

Education is the topic that interests me the most. This is as while technology has been improving rapidly, education has remained fairly constant and archaic. This is likely to lead to most of us being inadequately trained in using the latest technologies and could result in inefficiencies.

What would you like to get out of attending One Young World?

I hope that through the One Young World experience, I would be able to expand my horizons and gain new perspectives.

What value do you think your skills and training in Chartered Accountancy bring to being a future global leader?

A future global leader requires many skills. One key takeaway from my journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant is that it is important to be sceptical and think critically. One cannot simply take things at face value but must instead, attempt to have different perspectives and interpretations.