Beyond Accounting – Beyond the Numbers – Session 2 – AI & Risk

Beyond the numbers

Jannie Wentzel and Andrew Gunter from Cential, along with Daniel Shafrir from CFGI, discuss the role of AI in today’s world and associated risks.

By Jade Petalcorin

In June 2023, CAW Network USA hosted an in-person conference at Fordham University in New York City. This second session was on AI in today’s world and its associated risks.

Andrew Gunter, partner at Cential, highlights how we have officially shifted into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how that affects future business prospects.

Andrew Gunter and Jannie Wentzel show a demo – populating a risk-statement with AI.

Daniel Shafrir, Managing Partner at CGFI, asks Andrew and Jannie what are the greatest societal risks related to AI.

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