Difference Makers Discuss Episode 6

Join us for episode 6 of our journey through the world of global themes, where purpose meets passion… “Difference Makers Discuss Live”. In this episode we meet ICAS member, mentor and change maker, Kudzai Zendera.

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Featured Event

Beyond Accounting – AI and Accountants get REAL

This is a 90-minute webinar is a follow on from our 2023 AI and Accountants webinar. It is a continuation of that discussion with a focus on accountants and the future of the profession – what is changing and what needs to change.

Accounting Seminar

Rural Sector Accounting Virtual Seminar

Designed for rural accounting practitioners, this event will deliver expert guidance on working in the current changing environment and present opportunities to discuss what the future of the sector looks like


Navigating the sustainability reporting landscape

Details With arguably the most significant year in the development of sustainability reporting standards behind us, how can businesses efficiently interpret and apply their complex requirements? Join the first webinar hosted by the ICAS Sustainability Business Network as we delve into the practicalities of adopting the various new sustainability reporting […]

Not for Profit

Not-for-profit Virtual Seminar

This seminar will bring together key operatives within the NFP sector to help participants grow their skills and knowledge, inspire innovation, discuss how to build more sustainable organisations and achieve better results for themselves, their teams, and organisations.

Featured News & Insights

Titan of tech: Margaret Wright FCA

One of the leading pioneers in the accounting and technology fields, Margaret Wright FCA says embracing AI must be high on the profession’s agenda for creating the path forward.

Ted Talk

Three TED Talks to improve your communication skills

Communication is a critical skill in any workplace. These 3 short TED Talks offer some advice to help you become a better speaker & listener.


The AI train

A £6.4m government fund supporting SMEs by match-funding AI skills training for their employees is now open to applications.

Rachel Harris

Thought Leadership: ‘I want to make accounting open to all’

Ahead of her keynote speech at the ICAS Practice Conference, the entrepreneur, mentor, content creator and, yes, accountant, Rachel Harris, talks disability, disruption and attracting young talent to the profession.

Webinars on Demand

Episode 5: Breaking Barriers in Finance - Asma Shabaz’s Journey to Success

Difference Makers Discuss Live Episode 5 with Asma Shabaz

Embarking on a journey within the finance industry often entails a challenging path, rife with complex analyses and strategic decision-making. This is the journey that Asma Shahbaz, a Chartered Accountant from Pakistan, discusses in our latest podcast episode.

Sustainability in Transactions

Beyond Accounting – Sustainability in Transactions

CAW Network USA invites you to watch this exciting webinar, Beyond Accounting – Sustainability in Transactions, which was held on 23rd April 2024.


IFRS Update – March 2024

Every six months, BDO USA’s IFRS leaders provide updates to international standards, continuing our tradition of providing an easy way for financial management, board directors, and audit committees to stay on top of today’s hot topics and developments.

The Young Difference Makers Podcast

The Difference Makers Podcast honors those who’ve positively impacted communities worldwide. Our Young Difference Makers series spotlights young Chartered Accountants addressing critical issues in business, finance, and beyond. Age is no barrier; these individuals are both seasoned and young. Inspiring change and making a tangible impact on others’ lives.

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Young Difference Makers Podcast
Young Difference Makers, Mishka Hajee

Climbing Beyond the Ladder: Mishka Hajee’s Quest for Community Progress

Meet Mishka Hajee, a South African Chartered Accountant whose story isn’t just about climbing the professional ladder; it’s a narrative woven with integrity, strategic innovation, and a deep commitment to community upliftment.


From Medicine to Metrics: Mathabo’s Ascent in Accountancy and Leadership

The path to professional success is rarely a straight line. For Mathabo, a journey that began with the aspiration to heal in the field of medicine took an unexpected detour into the world of accountancy and finance. Her narrative, as unfolded in the podcast episode is a powerful testament to the serendipitous nature of career evolution and the profound impact that one individual can have when aligning their career with their passion.

Liam Guthrie: Breaking the Mold and Saying 'Yes' to Opportunity

Liam Guthrie: Breaking the Mold and Saying ‘Yes’ to Opportunity

On our latest episode, Liam, who shattered the mold of a traditional accountant, shares how his role transcends mere number crunching and evolves into the art of communicating financial intricacies to business leaders.

Network Member Logo

Network Member Logo

Network Member Logo The more members that use the CAW Network Member logo the greater the recognition of the role and value of Chartered Accountants. You’ll be showing to the world that you are part of something bigger. Wherever you are in the world there’s a symbol that shows that […]

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Episode 6 of DMD Discuss LIVE with ISCA member Kudzai Zendara broadcasting on LinkedIn 6th June @ 0830 BST. Don't miss it! #DifferenceMaker

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Check out our wellbeing toolkit packed full of knowledge to make your workplace a happier, more resilient and productive place to be: https://ow.ly/Ji4P50RMVCG
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Don't miss this trailblazing conversation between ICAS - The Professional Body of CAs Fiona Donnelly CA alongside Róisín Booth and Annette Lister. Between them, they'll tackle the new disclosures and demystify the technicalities of sustainability reporting. Register for this free and ...practical session now: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/6419032b-d285-462e-a5ab-b3e406413e5b@db948178-b83a-4eee-8e9d-8177b14fd979

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Another fabulous and inspiring human who is climbing more than the career ladder!

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