Climate Essentials for Accountants – Free online course

Climate Essentials for Accountants

The sense of urgency to address climate change is intensifying across the world.

COP26 will bring into focus policies set out by countries to avoid a dangerous rise in global temperatures. Heatwaves, floods and wildfires are increasing in occurrence, and will continue to do so without urgent action.

Businesses must play their part, and accountants will be key financial decision-makers within these businesses. However, the vocabulary of climate action may be new to them. This course aims to demystify it and introduce accountants to jargon that they will hear with increasing frequency over the coming months and years

What’s covered

  1. What are carbon emissions?
  2. Carbon dioxide equivalents
  3. Carbon calculator
  4. Carbon budgets
  5. Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions
  6. Measuring carbon emissions
  7. What is COP26?
  8. The Paris Agreement
  9. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  10. Why is COP26 so vital?

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