Highlights: Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)



Incorporating Enterprise Performance Management into decision support systems can be difficult for a variety of reasons. However, for managers that are empowered to meet the current call to action of the industry and champion EPM improvement, our webinar with Gary Cokins is the place to start.

Gary joined CAW Network USA for the ‘Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management’ webinar in January 2022. He is the founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC, and used his background to share enlightening knowledge and advice to our audience.

Below are some highlights of his presentation:

Gary Cokins defines the difference between data and information. He also breaks down the roots of confusion around EPM in companies and clarifies exactly what it is.

There are eight elements that have caused interest in EPM. Here, Cokins begins breaking them down and explaining what the reality is with many managers at corporations. He previews what will be discussed, regarding each of the elements, in the rest of the webinar.

Though embracing the importance of both KPIs and OPIs, Cokins breaks down how they are different and what each can bring to the corporation. His graphic displays the unique features of each type of measure.

Join as Cokins dives into how corporations can replace the budget with enterprise performance methods. He introduces how this can be implemented on different levels of operation of the corporation and provides a mathematical approach to his first example.

Cokins presents his own personal diagram of how everything in the corporation comes together. He expresses how EPM is circulatory and simultaneous, and how each piece of the diagram catalyzes EPM.