Building Resilience:
A #FinBiz2030 Series

There has been no more important time for our industry to unite and mobilise in order to adapt to the impacts of Covid-19, and young leaders are forming a critical part of that response.

As such, One Young World and Chartered Accountants Worldwide are thrilled to confirm a new event series under the Finance&Business2030 umbrella, ‘Building Resilience: A #FinBiz2030 Series’.

A recent OYW survey found that two thirds of young people surveyed (64%) did not believe that their country’s leadership is doing enough to support young people during this time of crisis.

15% noted mental health as the most worrying concern, behind health (22.7%) and employment opportunities (20.79%). Encouragingly, 87% of respondents were given reasons to be hopeful for the future.

As part of the Series, and inspired by the survey, we will bring you insight and experience from young leaders and experts that will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to lead through this uncertain time. These online events are intended to be global, interactive, inspirational and practical.

They will last one hour and will cover a range of topics, starting with a first event focusing on mental health and wellbeing.

Featured Event

Sustainability and Innovation

Building Resilience: Sustainability and Innovation

It has never been more important to empower young finance and business professionals to be part of building a better future.

Join as we hear from leaders within Nigeria and beyond, who will provide a local and global perspective on the shared challenges facing us all.

Building Resilience Podcast

Building Resilience Podcast

Building Resilience: A FINBIZ2030 Podcast

Thousands of people from over a hundred countries have participated in the FinBiz2030 Building Resilience Webinar Series. We’ve taken some of the inspiring stories told by young leaders from around the world in these webinars, and created the Building Resilience Podcast. Each short episode, contains a single story from one of the webinar contributors.

Join us to learn about how young people in the business and finance community are providing global leadership through taking local action.  And learn how you can help create a sustainable future and tackle the greatest challenges of the 21st Century.

Building Resilience Highlights

Building Resilience Webinars

Sustainability and Innovation

Building Resilience: Sustainability & Innovation

It is critical for nations to invest in innovation and to design sustainable ecosystems for everyone to succeed in. This generation of young leaders must be part of the change. Join as we hear from leaders who will provide a local and global perspective on the shared challenges facing us all.

Building Resilience: Climate Change: Global leadership, local action

Building Resilience: Climate Change: Global leadership, local action

The challenges presented by the climate crisis are often acutely local in focus, but the leadership required to tackle them is global. How can young leaders in business and finance help connect the two?

Building Resilience: The business case for doing good

Join us to learn more about the business case for the sustainable development agenda, and hear from leaders who have innovated responsible business solutions, and contributed to a changing culture around positive impact.

Building Resilience: Better Leadership, a better future

As young people enter the workforce, they are hungry for opportunities to learn, contribute and lift others alongside them to create a positive impact. With this event, we showcase what is possible and what real leadership looks like.

Building Resilience: Leadership, Purpose and Ethics

The economic crisis touching every part of the world is forcing organisations to re-examine their values and broader purpose. Join us as we hear from leaders who will tell us why young people must have the knowledge and resilience to address the challenges confronting our professional and personal lives.

Building Resilience: Equality. Diversity. Opportunity.

Join us as we learn from those who have lived those experiences, lifted others in communities who needed them, and are leveraging new innovations to architect a more inclusive world. Leave this event with the means and motivation to address inequality in your personal and professional lives.

Building Resilience: Courage in Adversity

During this edition of the Building Resilience Series, you will hear from leaders whose hardship emboldened their purpose, enhanced their focus and led them to brighter days. You will leave this session with the fuel necessary to drive your optimism and resilience for the future.

Building Resilience: Getting your mind right

The “Getting Your Mind Right” webinar, explores how we need to build our resilience and ensure our minds are equipped not only to manage through the current crisis but to lead for the future.



Key Insights from ‘Building Resilience’: Sustainability & Innovation

Leaders within Nigeria and beyond featured in the third #FinBiz2030 Building Resilience online series of 2021.

Over 1,600 finance and business professionals from around the world joined the live webinar which sought to address the local and global perspectives on the shared challenges we all face to build a better future.


Chartered accountants’ key leadership role in achieving net zero goals – Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Later this year, the UK hosts COP26 in November and also the G7.

It hopes to use that opportunity to demonstrate climate leadership and, at the same time, to show that businesses and investors share the same ambition, to reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Open Private School

Vincent Egunlae’s Open Private School

Vincent Egunlae is a Chartered Accountant, full time employee at Grant Thornton, whilst also being the co-founder of his charity the Open Private School. We asked Vincent a number of questions about his charity project, his motivation for joining the UK FinBiz2030 taskforce and how you can get involved to make a difference.

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Extremely excited with the line up of events. So overwhelming but everything is so worth it. Excited to be one of the delegates.

💻Webinar: Join us at the 2021 SAICA Finance Leaders webinar series.
🗓️When: 1 - 16 September 2021
⏲️Time: 09:00 - 10:00
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Register here:
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Today, I spoke at a meeting of #G20 Climate and Energy Ministers about the importance of choosing a healthier and cleaner future

G20 together are 80% of the world’s emissions and 85% of its GDP and must keep 1.5 degrees alive @COP26

Read my speech 👇


COVID isn't dampening this year's @OneYoungWorld Summit- @ZiCAOfficial's delegate Yvonne Chapuswike is attending virtually... #CharteredStar #OYW2021

Ireland's flag bearer at this year's @OneYoungWorld summit in Munich, @mccaffrey123 representing @CharteredAccIrl #CharteredStar #OYW2021

This afternoon don't miss @CharteredAccIrl's webinar: Returning to pre-Covid life: Managing stress and protecting #wellbeing.

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