ISCA Green & Sustainable Finance: Guide for SMEs

Green Finance

The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in supporting the nation’s efforts to transit to a low-carbon economy. SMEs have the potential to bring with them innovation, technology and an entrepreneurial spirit to develop products and services to support sustainable development and climate action. However, SMEs require substantial funding to achieve these goals.

Featuring case studies of local companies using sustainable finance to strengthen business sustainability, Green & Sustainable Finance: Guide for SMEs provides a roadmap to businesses, on how to access opportunities in green and sustainable finance. It outlines the various principles and frameworks of green and sustainable finance and highlights the relevant government grant schemes that are available.

This guide also explores the role of accountants in leading their companies’ green agenda. With green and sustainable finance gaining prominence, accountants can facilitate the understanding of how such financing can enable transformation to a sustainable business. Accountants are well-placed to provide meaningful data and analysis to support the Board and Executive Management in making informed business, investment, and financing decisions.

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Green and Sustainable Finance Guide