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With evidence showing a global trend of society becoming more focused on individuals than the wider community, the challenge for employers is how to respond to these developments. This issue will be debated at the first ‘Conversations around the world’ event being hosted in Sydney, Australia starting on 12 September.

Over the next 12 months, we are convening a series of discussions based on the theme of trust. Building trust is at the heart of the value chartered accountants bring to the business world. Society can trust business because we offer assurance that the statements made by the global business community are reliable, accurate and worthy of that trust. The inaugural event looks at how organisations should respond to social changes that are making society (and the workplace) more selfish.

More selfish, narcissistic employees are inherently likely to be less concerned about the success of their employer (other than in how that success can be reflected as a personal triumph). They are more likely to feel loyalty to themselves and their career than to an employer. Workplace loyalty is therefore dropping as selfishness and narcissism rise. There is a danger here for employers that this loss of loyalty leads to lower productivity. Discussion topics at the event include ‘Is loyalty to an employer a thing of the past’, ‘Does it matter if people are less loyal but still working hard’ and ‘Is technology a major driver of the selfish economy and rise of narcissism’.

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The key question to emerge from the event is: what should employers do to thrive in a more selfish society?

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‘Success in a Selfish Age’ is one of many debates and events being planned for 2016/2017, to be hosted by the member institutes of Chartered Accountants Worldwide.


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