Meet Jeremy Cheung: Changing the Face of Accounting

Jeremy Cheong

Welcome to another episode of Young Difference Makers Discuss. This time, we’re thrilled to introduce Jeremy Cheong, a trailblazing Chartered Accountant from Singapore, as our latest podcast guest.

Who is Jeremy?

Jeremy brings over 7 years of public Chartered Accounting experience from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, with a diverse background in industries like sustainability, technology, and telecommunications.

Unconventional Journey to Accounting

A graduate in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Jeremy defied norms by entering the accountancy profession. His unique journey breaks down barriers and aims to inspire aspiring professionals to pursue unconventional paths.

Why Listen?

  • Gain insights into Jeremy’s firsthand experiences in external assurance services.
  • Explore the intersections of sustainability, technology, and defence in accounting.
  • Discover how an engineering background can lead to a successful career in accountancy.

Changing the Future of Accounting

Jeremy’s story isn’t just about his personal journey – it’s a call to action. By challenging traditional career paths, he envisions transforming the future of the Chartered Accounting profession.

Tune In and Get Inspired!

Ready to be inspired? Join us on the Young Difference Makers podcast and hear Jeremy’s story firsthand. Don’t miss out on the insights, wisdom, and motivation he has to offer!

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