New AI standards hub launched

AI Standards Hub

The new hub, launched in Q4 2022, aims to drive the shaping of AI standards.

The AI Standards Hub, launched by the government in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute, BSI and the National Physical Laboratory, was set up as a source of information, training and guidance for businesses of all kinds that are either using or considering using AI within their systems and processes.

It will also be a space for businesses and other areas of society to have their say and shape the definition and implementation of AI standards. The hub aims to pull together views from industry, government, regulators, academia and consumers to shape debate around AI standards and governance, bringing a multi-stakeholder approach to standards development.

Resources include training courses, a standards database, research and think pieces on AI, and are relevant for various business types.

ICAEW members are encouraged to engage with the hub and contribute views on developing the standards; feed into discussions; access the free e-learning about AI and related risks; or simply browse to see what’s there. Members are well placed to help shape the standards businesses will need to adhere to and to raise awareness of AI risks and other considerations.

Access the AI Standards Hub here.

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