Selfish Age debate highlights – Conversations Around the World
November 30, 2016
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka joins Chartered Accountants Worldwide
January 23, 2017
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From the Success in a Selfish Age Report:

  1. Businesses need to accept that while selfishness is not new, more self-centred attitudes to work alter workplace relations
  2. Businesses should listen to what new recruits want to achieve and agree wider career goals
  3. Businesses need to focus on planning future development of staff, which attracts new talent and retains existing staff
  4. Businesses need a clear set of values and a statement of their wider purpose beyond profitability
  5. Businesses need clear policies on flexible working and appreciate that workers are not on call around the clock
  6. Businesses should demonstrate support for community and charitable work to attract a younger generation of workers
  7. Businesses should examine culture and behaviours that encourage loyalty and build trust, ensuring alignment between values and employee actions
  8. Businesses should use social media internally to keep informed and encourage two-way communication
  9. Businesses should lead the way on raising awareness of mental health issues and offer advice on how to mitigate its effects


About the Event

The Sydney conversation was well attended by representatives from 22 CAW members around the world. The debate looked at the role this increasingly selfish attitude plays in the modern workplace and how technological developments, such as social media, are changing workplace relations. At the roundtable were representatives of 22 CAW members, from leading Chartered Accountant Institutes in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, who gathered for a frank and open discussion.

Both senior business decision makers and younger accountants – the future leaders – were represented at the table. Businesses represented included one of Australia’s leading online retailers, large professional service firms and oil multinationals.

They shared views, arguments and experiences in the first in a series of Conversations Around the World, looking at key business issues affecting business leaders today now and in the future.