31 March – Finance + EDI: Psychological safety, the secret to good leadership

Event summary

As we ease out of the pandemic something is becoming clearer – there is no return to ‘normal’. Employers and employees alike have had to adjust to unprecedented change and react swiftly to unfolding circumstances.

Now is the opportune time to think about the climate that people work in and what can be done to improve it. A McKinsey Global Survey conducted during the pandemic found that only handful of business leaders foster a climate of psychological safety, where employees “feel comfortable asking for help, sharing suggestions informally, or challenging the status quo without fear of negative social consequences.” This is despite research that has shown that organisations with psychological safety at their heart are “more likely to innovate quickly, unlock the benefits of diversity, and adapt well to change.”

So how can you increase psychological safety in your own team? Hear from our expert speakers as they share their personal leadership experiences and the practical steps they took to improve psychological safety in their workplaces.

Key topics

  • The benefits of psychological safety
  • The skills needed to develop it
  • Understanding barriers and managing conflict
  • Why psychological safety is vital in a post pandemic workplace


(Please note that views and opinions expressed by speakers at ICAS webinars are their own and not necessarily reflective of ICAS’ views.)


Bruce Pritchard CA, ICAS President

Who’s this for?

  • Managers and organisational leaders
  • ICAS Members
  • ICAS Students
  • Anyone interested in EDI

Counts as CPD activity

  • Depending upon your individual role and training and development needs, watching this webinar can count towards your annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement.