When it comes to net zero, there is often confusion surrounding the key role that accountants have to play in progressing sustainability schemes and how they are intrinsic in implementing change. Whilst carbon neutrality is becoming the most attractive business option, there are not enough offsetting projects to offset the GHGs (Green House Gas emissions) that we generate. With the finance professionals holding the purse strings, it is becoming increasingly clear that  they are best placed to influence ESG agendas, drive sustainability and find avenues to reduce emissions. It is time for you to step up, push the boundaries and do things differently.

In this practical and interactive session, we sit down with 3 business leaders and finance professionals, who are driving climate action in their organistaion. You will learn from those who have already carved the path that you want to take, understand the do’s and don’ts, and come away with practical insight, giving you the tools to help your business’ net zero agenda.

The conversation will focus on how leaders in business and finance are positioned to initiate conversations about Net Zero within the companies they operate and oversee the implementation of climate related disclosures to maximise positive impact.


  • Amir Doosal- Founder & President at the Global Partnerships Forum
  • Graeme Gibson- Finance Director at Edinburgh Airport
  • Stephen Prendiville- Head of Sustainability at EY Ireland
  • Yetunde Fadeyi- Founder at Vectar Energy
  • Michael Holder- Deputy Editor at Business Green
Net Zero London