Building Resilience: The business case for doing good

Recorded on: 25th March 2021 @ 3:00 pm

About the event

The business case for doing good. A FinBiz2030 ‘Building Resilience’ event

Co-hosted by International Federation of Accountants, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Chartered Accountants Worldwide and One Young World.

In today’s world, the way in which companies use natural resources, employ their workforces, and position themselves in the face of critical societal issues will affect performance, access to capital, and long-term value creation. There isn’t just a moral imperative for businesses and organizations to behave responsibly, but a financial one. It makes business sense to do good. Finance and accounting professionals have a significant influence on companies, and are well-positioned to help businesses think not just about their profit but their whole value creation process. In this process, embedding sustainability issues into a company’s strategy, business model and risk and performance management will enable them to create more resilient organizations that also positively contribute to people and planet.

Join us to learn more about the business case for the sustainable development agenda, and hear from leaders who have innovated responsible business solutions, and contributed to a changing culture around positive impact.


  • Chalene Gallagher CA, Regulatory Data Senior Associate FRBNY
  • Karla Futch VP on the Chief Administrative Office Strategy Team at Goldman Sachs

Speakers include:

  • Nomindari Enkthur, CEO, Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association
  • Paul Parks, CPA, CGMA, Director, AICPA
  • Maura Hodge, KPMG Partner, National ESG Assurance Leader
  • Gareth Parkin, CFO and Senior Vice President at Messer Americas
  • Kate Robertson, Co-Founder of One Young World
  • Michael Izza, CEO, ICAEW and Chairman, Chartered Accountants Worldwide