CA Sustainability Community | Tackling Greenwashing: Driving Responsible Reporting

Stakeholders and investors are demanding credible, reliable and accurate information from companies that publicly disclose their environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities.

The conduct and mindset of those involved in sustainability-related reporting must be anchored in ethical values, including acting with integrity and professional competence and due care.

With businesses setting net zero targets and developing transition plans and increased regulatory scrutiny of greenwashing intensifying – Chartered Accountants play a vital role to spot, avoid and act on greenwashing.

This webinar will empower you to:

  • Understand what greenwashing is and other forms of ‘washing’, and why it is a concern
  • Identify factors which could contribute to greenwashing.
  • Explore the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding environmental reporting and disclosure and their implications for financial professionals.
  • Understand how Chartered Accountants can take steps to prevent greenwashing or other forms of ‘washing’.
  • Learn best practices for promoting transparency and accuracy including metrics, frameworks, and reporting standards to help ethical and responsible disclosure to stakeholders.

Join us for an insightful session to assist you to tackle greenwashing head-on and advocate for good reporting.