Difference Makers Discuss Live Episode 2: Maria Teo

Accountants for Sustainability: An Insightful Discussion with Maria Teo

Ever wondered why accountants are at the forefront of sustainability measures? This enlightening conversation with Maria Teo, a respected member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, will give you all the knowledge you need. Maria shares her personal journey, starting from her foundational auditing background through to her exciting foray into sustainability. This episode isn’t just about Maria’s career though, she provides a rare insight into the role of accountants in aiding companies to embrace sustainable practices.

As we navigate the various chapters of this episode, Maria discusses her work in forensic accounting and fraud investigation, highlighting the knowledge and skills she acquired. She further shares how she found her true passion in sustainability and climate change. Her unique perspective on the crucial role accountants play in promoting sustainability within companies is a must-listen. She shares her firsthand experience of guiding companies towards sustainable practices and highlights the trends and challenges in sustainability reporting.

The episode ends on a powerful note as Maria emphasizes the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in the fight for global sustainability. As a representative at the One Young World conference, Maria underscores the need for collective effort. Maria’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and ambition, offering valuable advice for budding accountants interested in making a significant impact in their field. Don’t miss out on this riveting conversation about the intersection of accountancy and sustainability!