Difference Makers Discuss Live Episode 4 with Naomi Walsh

Embark on a journey with Naomi Walsh, the trailblazing Vice President of Chartered Accountants Australia  and New Zealand, as she unveils her extraordinary ascent in the accounting world. Her story, a testament to tenacity and ambition, begins in regional Tasmania and ascends to international heights, with a career-defining role in the UK working on the Olympics. Naomi’s candid revelations about overcoming gender bias, fostering confidence, and the power of global experiences provide a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone aspiring to leave a mark in their field.

Our conversation with Naomi takes a deep look into the transformative effects of international networking and cultural exposure on career progression. Naomi’s perspective, seasoned by global adventures, sheds light on the unique community spirit of Tasmania and how it influences professional dynamics. She emphasizes the importance of educational programs that equip the next generation with employability skills and industry connections. The nuances of workplace culture across different regions are also dissected, demonstrating the importance of understanding and adapting to these differences for career success.

Lastly, Naomi and I delve into the revolution of the accounting profession, particularly its expanding role in driving sustainability. Echoing the ambitions of a new generation of accountants, Naomi highlights how the profession transcends traditional expectations, merging financial acumen with creativity and social responsibility. Her passion for guiding aspirants shines through as we discuss the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into accounting practices and Tasmania’s pioneering efforts in carbon accounting. This episode is a clarion call for those who envision a career that not only excels in the balance sheets but also balances the needs of society and the planet.

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