Difference Makers Discuss Live Episode 5 with Asma Shabaz

Embarking on a journey within the finance industry often entails a challenging path, rife with complex analyses and strategic decision-making. This is the journey that Asma Shahbaz, a Chartered Accountant from Pakistan, discusses in our latest podcast episode. Asma delineates her trajectory from an aspiring accounting student to a recognised expert in process governance and business operations risk at Mashreq Bank. The conversation offers listeners an authentic glimpse into the pivotal experiences that shaped her career and the continuous evolution of her professional life within the fast-paced financial sector.

The support from Asma’s family and her own unyielding belief in her capabilities played an instrumental role in her rise to success. She recounts the foundational steps of her career, beginning with Standard Chartered Bank and transitioning through significant roles at Habib Bank. The shift from external to internal audit functions signified a noteworthy transformation, bringing forth new skills and insights that were crucial to her growth. Her story serves as a powerful testament to the dynamism of a finance professional’s journey, adapting to the ever-changing landscapes of governance and risk management.

A focal point of the episode is the huge shift occurring in the world of auditing and risk management, largely driven by the power of analytics. Asma’s expertise shines as she delves into how comprehensive data analysis is revolutionising the industry, moving past traditional sampling techniques to glean deeper insights. The discussion also turns to the adaptation of educational curriculums to integrate robust data analytics training, arming future accountants with essential modern skills. Moreover, the episode does not shy away from exploring the nuanced challenges and rewards of professional relationship building, particularly emphasising the value of emotional intelligence and the differing experiences of men and women in stakeholder engagement.

Asma’s philosophy on personal growth resonates deeply, serving as an inspirational beacon for listeners. Her approach to balancing a demanding career with personal passions, such as fitness and art, underscores the importance of carving out space for self-care. Asma encourages listeners to embrace authenticity and mutual empowerment. Her significant contributions to the field of financial services stand as a shining example for women everywhere, highlighting this conversation as an integral part of our Difference Makers series.

Asma Shahbaz’s journey is more than just a narrative of professional success; it is a roadmap that illustrates the value of resilience, the importance of nurturing supportive relationships, and the ability to blend personal and professional aspirations. Her story, shared on our podcast, is not just about breaking barriers; it’s about building bridges towards a more inclusive and dynamic financial future.

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