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Season 5 of the Difference Makers Discuss Podcast by Chartered Accountants Worldwide heralds insightful conversations with global leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Offering diverse perspectives on critical issues, this season explores finance, sustainability, diversity, and technology’s role in shaping a dynamic future. Engaging, thought-provoking, and impactful discussions await listeners.

Difference Makers Discuss Live: Ep.1: Crisis Leadership and Gender Equality with CFO Caroline Sherry

Ever wondered what it’s like to step into a new role just before a global crisis strikes? Tune in as we chat with Caroline Sherry, the CFO of Hostelworld PLC, who did just that. Embarking on her role as CFO just before the pandemic hit, Caroline navigates us through her intriguing journey, revealing how she tackled the unique challenges this situation presented. Despite having a background in science, Caroline shares why she chose to pursue accountancy and how her career path was impacted by the financial crash.

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Caroline then opens up about her struggles with imposter syndrome, a common yet rarely discussed phenomenon. She emphasizes the need for representation and diversity in the workplace, sharing from her experience as one of only four female CFOs of listed companies in Ireland. We also discuss the role of a CFO in investor relations, and how her Chartered Accountancy qualification has opened doors of opportunity.

Beyond her personal journey, Caroline is actively involved in advancing gender equality in the workplace. As a member of Balance for Better Business, she shares the strides that have been made towards gender balance in Ireland, and how the pandemic has affected these efforts. Lastly, we look to the future, as we discuss the impact of AI on communication in the travel industry, and why setting goals is so crucial. So, if you’re ready for an engaging, thought-provoking conversation, this episode is for you!

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