Wellbeing Toolkit

Wellbeing Toolkit

At Chartered Accountants Worldwide, we acknowledge the profound impact of mental health on work performance, relationships, and the overall quality of life, we delve into the importance of fostering employee wellbeing in our fast-paced industry.

Depression and anxiety, prevalent mental health conditions, exert a significant economic toll, amounting to US$ 1 trillion each year on the global economy. The Gallup Global Employee Survey paints a concerning picture, revealing that less than a quarter of the world’s employees feel they are thriving at work, underscoring the urgency to address this growing challenge.

This toolkit stands as a comprehensive guide, arming managers with crucial insights, strategies, and best practices to cultivate a thriving and dynamic team. Above all, it emphasises the critical need to build resilience and purpose within the workplace, contributing to a more productive, rewarding, and compassionate work environment. Together, let’s pave the way towards a brighter future for the Chartered Accountancy profession by prioritising mental health and fostering a culture of holistic wellbeing.

Download the Toolkit

Wellbeing Toolkit

Download our Wellbeing Toolkit for managers in the accountancy profession.

The McKinsey Health Institute’s extensive survey across 15 countries and 15,000 employees unearths a stark reality – 59% of the workforce grapples with mental health challenges, highlighting the imperative for employers to intervene and support their teams. This holds true for the Chartered Accountancy profession as well, where stress and burnout are prevalent issues, affecting over half of Chartered Accountants.

Managers within this industry play a pivotal role in shaping a conducive work environment that fosters mental, emotional, and physical health. Recognising the direct link between comprehensive support and heightened engagement and productivity, it becomes both an ethical and strategic responsibility to manage wellbeing effectively. The Chartered Accountants Worldwide global wellbeing taskforce acknowledges this imperative and is proud to introduce our wellbeing toolkit for managers.

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