Kindness and empathy make the difference

Community Activist



Larisha Naidoo is Head of Anglo American Zimele and a change agent or community activist. It all began when she was confronted by people with real needs who felt their voices weren’t heard. This was when she realised that instead of seeking to be understood yourself, you need to work to understand others. You need to sit down with people and listen to what they have to say – listen to be understood.”


Anglo American Zimele is intensely focused on uplifting South Africa’s communities. In 2022 alone, the organisation had onboarded 813 people in active training, mentoring and coaching programmes, supported 3,868 jobs and seen 1,982 beneficiaries graduating from various training initiatives.

Zimele itself has won the Youth Focus and Impact Awards at the Absa BD Supplier Development Awards.


Larisha is using empathy and her power as a leader to uplift communities in South Africa. She was recognised as one of the Top 100 supply chain leaders globally.




Locally and internationally


One of the most recent youth employment initiatives, which focuses on upskilling young people for the tourism space

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