louwLouw Barnardt, Managing Director, OCFO

My name is Louw Barnardt, I’m 28 years old and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our company, OutsourcedCFO (www.outsourcedcfo.co.za), seeks to assist ambitious SMEs to build scalable companies through the provision of strategy and high level financial management. We believe that a growing company has the power to change the lives of the entrepreneur, their family, their staff and the community in which they operate. We bring about growth and prosperity by enabling entrepreneurs to succeed with the inputs that our young, highly skilled finance team have to offer. I am passionate about the role of education and incubation in creating an entrepreneurial eco-system where young people have the ability to build a business and a life for themselves that is purposeful. I believe that entrepreneurship is the only way in which the major issues of unemployment and poverty can be address on the African content and worldwide. Attracting investment and funding for such causes to create much needed stimulus for our eco-system is also close to my heart.

Through OutsourcedCFO, we have helped many entrepreneurs on the road to giving life to their dream companies. We have seen multiple stages of growth funding and investment into many young, tech savvy companies, as well as the impact that this makes in their lives. Through incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurship development programs like Microsoft BizSparks, we have worked with start-ups of many shapes and sizes. We only work with companies that display strong ethics and uplifting products and services. Apart from the effect that our clients’ success have on society, we have also created an exceptional culture that is unique to the Chartered Accountant industry. Innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and thought leadership are some of our core values. The professionals that work for us are learning some serious leadership and technical skills, as we create the next CEOs and CFOs of the scaling companies on the African continent. My thoughts on finance and entrepreneurship is shared freely on platforms like Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, VentureBurn, EBiz Radio and our blog.