New initiative positions Chartered Accountants as difference makers


Chartered Accountants Worldwide is launching a new strategic initiative aimed at positioning Chartered Accountants as reliable, trusted voices and catalysts for change to help get businesses and economies moving again.

Using the organising concept of ‘Difference Makers’, the programme connects the role of Chartered Accountants to the contribution that they make in the organisations where they work, in communities, society and the wider economy.

Finance touches every part of every organisation. ‘Difference Makers’ is intended to convey how mobilising the skills, perspectives and training that Chartered Accountants have, delivers the wherewithal to make real change when it is needed most.

The launch is timely as businesses and governments around the world are actively listening for trusted voices and reliable, credible assistance to help them in recovering from the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic and helping economies to thrive again. And as we have detailed on this site over the past year, Chartered Accountants Worldwide member institutes have been at the forefront in providing much-needed support, resources and advocacy to their respective members, businesses and governments.

The message also applies to students at the outset of their career. ‘Difference makers’ aims to encourage them to become a Chartered Accountant and demonstrates how they can make a positive difference through their work.

The concept is being rolled out globally across Chartered Accountants Worldwide 15 member institutes as part of their marketing and communications. This common set of core messages is intended to create consistency about how to position and differentiate Chartered Accountants, with a set of tools and examples for use locally.

Michael Izza, chairman of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, welcomed the launch of this initiative. “As the world starts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we emerge from a time of unprecedented upheaval in our economy and our society, there will be huge financial and business challenges, and the right advice will be critical. That is why there has never been a better time for governments, businesses, and individuals to work together and to understand the value that a Chartered Accountant can bring,” he said.

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We created this podcast in order to celebrate the lives and work of people who have transformed communities, businesses, and the wider world, making a real difference in the lives of others. We call them “Difference Makers”.

Some overcame great personal adversity in their journey. They all showed the knowledge, perspective, skills and capabilities to lead, to achieve, and to make real change when it is needed most. Oh, and by the way… they are all Chartered Accountants!

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