An engaging and thought-provoking podcast series that taps into some of the major issues of today by providing clarity and understanding about the relevance – and power – of the number, with leading experts and thought leaders providing insight.

ICAEW has launched More Than A Number, a new podcast series which goes behind key numbers to discover how these statistics are impacting our lives.

In the first episode, financial journalist and Chartered Financial Analyst Louise Cooper discusses 1.5C, and the questions it raises, with a panel that includes: Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party; John Kornerup Bang, from shipping company Maersk; Mardi McBrien, from the Climate Disclosure Standards Board; and Michael Izza, ICAEW Chief Executive.

Guests across the series include Dame Helena Morrissey and Lord Malloch Brown. Each episode will hear the views of a number of guests, handpicked to represent different sides of the debate.

Jeremy Mooney, ICAEW Director of Communications and Brand, said: ‘Chartered accountants sit at the heart of every business and do not take numbers at face value.

‘We’ve launched More Than A Number to unpack some of the numbers which pose profound questions about the future. We’re delighted guests from across industry and society will join these discussions about sustainability, the gender pay gap and more, and we’re excited to be able to share our passion for numbers and our tradition of critical thinking with a wider audience.’


100 years young

Does business have an age problem? Yes, but there’s a huge opportunity for businesses who are ready to act. Andy Briggs, Alistair McQueen, Ed Humpherson and Sarah Crofts share their expertise.

34 tax

34% – A tax system for the 21st century

How or what should we tax? And who should bear the burden of taxation? These decisions are critical because they affect how we live and vote.

12TR Audiogram

$12 trillion – profiting from the planet

What’s the business case for aligning company strategy with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? Graeme Pitkethly, CFO of Unilever, Lord Malloch-Brown and Friends of the Earth CEO Craig Bennett weigh in.

screenshot 11.9%

11.9% Mind the gap

Is inequality in the workplace inevitable? Louise Cooper poses this question to Dame Helena Morrisey, Liz Benison, the MD of Arriva, ICAEW’s Dr Jane Berney and the CEO of the Fawcett Society, Sam Smethers.

350m Truth Lies and Numbers SCREENSHOT

£350m Truth, lies and numbers

Numbers are being subverted – but many are on the case to put this right. Our host was joined by the UK Statistics Authority,, statistician David Spiegalhalter and Andreas Georgiou.

1.5 C

1.5°C The hot topic

Are businesses ill-prepared to cope with climate change? Follow the discussion with Maersk, Climate Disclosure Standards, the UK Green Party and ICAEW.