Sustainable Finance MasterClass Series 1 | Our Planet: Too Big To Fail

Created by Silverback Films, WWF and Netflix #OurPlanet #ShareOurPlanet

Using unseen footage from the interviews that created Our Planet: Too Big To Fail this MasterClass series features: Sir Partha Dasgupta, head of the UK Treasury’s #EconomicsofBiodiversityReview; Hiro Mizuno who revolutionised investing at the world’s largest pension fund and is now UN Special Envoy on Innovative Finance and Sustainable Development; Catherine Howarth trailblazer in shareholder empowerment and CEO of ShareAction; Jeremy Collerfounder of FAIRR, a $20tr investor network focussing on ESG risks in the global food sector; Tavaziva Madzingapreviously UK CEO of Swiss Re one of the world’s largest re-insurers; Bevis Watts chartered environmentalist and CEO of Triodos Bank UK; Steve Waygood who leads sustainable finance at the UK’s largest insurer Aviva Investors and Ray Dhirani, former banker and now Head of Sustainable Finance at WWF-UK.

Sir Partha Dasgupta

Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Cambridge and head of the UK Treasury’s #EconomicsofBiodiversityReview. We asked Sir Partha about the value that nature brings to our economy, why we haven’t taken nature into account before this, and what his hopes are for the future.

Hiro Mizuno

Hiro is credited for singlehandedly revolutionising investment practices at the world’s biggest pension fund Japan’s GPIF. We asked him how and why GPIF changed their thinking, the impacts of short-termism and passive investing, and how they incentivized longer-term investing.

Catherine Howarth

Trailblazer in shareholder empowerment, Catherine Howarth is CEO of ShareAction. We asked her how the finance sector is currently impacting the natural world, what is driving change and what does she think about ESG versus true sustainable investing.

Jeremy Coller

Jeremy is CIO of Coller Capital and Founder of FAIRR, a $20trillion investor network that is focussing on ESG risks in the global food sector. We asked Jeremy how pensions can be invested for good, what are the investment risks around factory farming and how does FAIRR approach the topic of divestment.

Tavaziva Madzinga

When we interviewed Tavaziva Madzinga he was CEO of Swiss Re UK & Ireland, one of the world’s largest re-insurers. We asked him about the effect of climate change on the insurance sector, why the business community needs to take the threats seriously, and how business can work with governments to bring about the changes needed to meet these threats.

Bevis Watts

Bevis Watts is a chartered environmentalist who has taken the helm as UK CEO of Triodos Bank. Triodos has been championing sustainable finance for the past 40 years in Europe and 25 years in the UK and is a founding member of the @Global Alliance of Banking on Values, a group of 60+ institutions who are leading the sector using finance for good and helping to build a more sustainable future.

Steve Waygood

Steve Waygood is Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors and leads sustainable finance at the UK’s largest insurer. We asked Steve about the revolution happening in pensions, the risks to the capital market of a 2-4C temperature rise, KYC, DCF and how companies can be expected to grow forever on a finite planet.

Raymond Dhirani

Ray Dhirani used to be a banker at Merrill Lynch but he now heads up the Sustainable Finance Team at WWF-UK. Part of the team who created and commissioned the film, we asked Ray why he left Wall Street to work on sustainable finance at WWF, why our economic system needs to change and if Covid-19 has forced us to understand future threats.