September 29, 2022

ISCA Sustainability Reporting Implementation Roadmap

With the global push for Sustainability Reporting and the benefits that Sustainability Reporting brings to both investors and companies, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) launched the Sustainability Reporting listing rules and the Sustainability Reporting Guide (the SGX Guide) in June 2016. Entities listed on the SGX are required to prepare an annual Sustainability Report which describes the organisation’s sustainability practices with reference to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues with effect for any financial year ending on or after 31 December 2017.
September 29, 2022

SAAEPS A Practitioners Perspective

The growth of assurance being provided on sustainability and integrated reports has required the auditing profession, through the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) Sustainability Standing Committee, to consider the value to be achieved through the provision of assurance on those non-financial indicators that have been identified by the client.
September 29, 2022

The New Rational Purpose Requirement

Many researchers believe that sustainability reporting could have the potential to transform the role of business in society if it succeeds in making organisations more accountable for the negative social and environmental impacts. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of these reports tell a very one-sided story about the impacts of organisations. It is contended that this information could mislead stakeholders and that it could ultimately be counterproductive to sustainability development.
August 10, 2022

Sustainability Reports Help Companies to Build Clients’ Confidence and Improve Corporate Reputations Speakers tell ICAB webinar

The local and foreign companies are increasingly looking to assess their competitive position in the market in respect of sustainability reporting and sustainability performance. It gives a clear idea to all stakeholders of company’s overall financial impacts and creates opportunities for strengthening the efforts towards building a prosperous sustainable future.