Uniting the finance and business community to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030


Johannesburg, 03 February 2020 – One Young World (OYW) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW), in collaboration with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), will be launching Finance and Business (FinBiz) 2030 in Johannesburg, South Africa on 6 February 2020 at Investec. FinBiz2030 is an initiative to unite and mobilise the finance and business community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Finance professionals from various sectors will come together as a force for change and make a commitment to tackle some of South Africa’s most pressing issues.

The event will provide a platform for young leaders across industries to learn from senior stakeholders, forge collaborations and address the key challenges and opportunities related to climate action, reducing inequalities, creating decent work and economic growth, and providing quality education.

Speakers at the event include Kate Robertson the Co-Founder of OYW; Ruth Hidalgo, Head of Operations at CAW; Tanya Dos Santos, Head of Sustainability at Investec; Tracey Davies, Executive Director at Just Share; Shirley Machaba, CEO of PwC South Africa; Sizwe Nxasana, Founder of Future Nation Schools; Lyle Malander, Director at Malander Group, who is a OYW Ambassador and part of the FinBiz2030 UK Task Force; and Chantyl Mulder, Executive Director: Nation Building at SAICA, and Andile Khumalo, CEO of Kumalo.co.

Following the launch event, a task force of committed individuals who can develop and implement an action plan will be formed. By launching FinBiz2030 in Johannesburg, it will mark the start of a movement towards a finance and business community that is more active and engaged in addressing these core issues mentioned above.

“If ever there was a compelling need for responsible leadership in South Africa it is now. South Africa needs to grow its economy to meet the needs of her people. Such growth, however, should not be at the expense of future generations. It is thus appropriate for SAICA in partnership with OYW and CAW to host the launch of FinBiz2030. The telling feature of this engagement is that it brings together young South Africans  to deliberate on the SDGs and chart the way forward. Amongst these SDGs, the focus for FinBiz2030 in South Africa is climate change, reducing inequality, decent work and economic growth, as well as quality education. We are grateful to Investec for sponsoring the event,” says Freeman Nomvalo, SAICA CEO.

Michael Izza, Chairman of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, says: “The world is changing and the global financial and business community has a great opportunity to play a major role in meeting the economic and social needs of future generations. Following the successful launch of FinBiz2030 in London last year, I am delighted that Chartered Accountants Worldwide, in partnership with the inspirational One Young World and one of our key member institutes, SAICA, are hosting an inaugural FinBiz2030 event in Johannesburg that aims to harness the brightest minds and talents in our industry to drive forward the initiatives to tackle the priorities for South Africa. It is our responsibility to ensure changes are made now to secure the future for generations to come.”

Kate Robertson, co-founder of OYW, adds: “The socioeconomic climate in South Africa demands that an initiative like FinBiz2030 exist. Together with Chartered Accountants Worldwide and SAICA, we are expanding this movement beyond London to ensure the world’s most influential institutions are doing their part in addressing the biggest challenges of today. It is clear they can only do so with the drive and energy young leaders bring to the table. The inaugural FinBiz2030 event in Johannesburg will mark the start of tangible actions that will shape a better future in my home country.”  

More about FinBiz2030

FinBiz 2030 is a joint initiative between OYW and CAW to establish an active and engaged finance and business community globally to drive positive change.  CAW is a global family of 14 Chartered Accountancy bodies representing over 1.8 million members and students in 190 countries. OYW is the global forum for young leaders which identifies, promotes and connects the world’s most impactful young leaders to create a better world, with more responsible, more effective leadership. The FinBiz2030 launch in South Africa is supported by SAICA and sponsored by Investec.


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