Change is something we all deal with differently – some embrace it, some resist it, but we all have to figure out how to deal with change as best we can. The past 2 years have brought huge change with the pandemic and the disruptions to work as we knew it. Many people are in a transition now from working from home to returning to office and new hybrid models of work

Niamh Hannah is a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland, and a Professional Coach, with a special interest in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. She has over 22 years experience working 1to1 and runs her own business, She has spoken at a variety of large events, and has facilitated 1000’s of workshops, talks and trainings for companies and organizations, including Uni Stuttgart, Trinity College Dublin, Gore Mutual Canada, AIB, Allianz, Virgin Media, KPMG, law firms, various Govt depts. She facilitates online programs for female leaders, and in-house for organizations, empowering people to be at their best and thrive.

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