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Performance with Care

In this session Declan Scott BSc (Mgmt), MA, FCA explores the definition of resilience followed by insights from the latest research. Resilience Institute tracked 23,990 professionals over two years to discover which skills and practices support the highest performers. Of the 60 factors measured, five are most impactful. It is clear that in order to be resilient, high performance requires care for self and others.

ICAS President, Indy Singh Hothi CA: Tackling ‘EDI fatigue’

Diversity doesn’t just mean visible difference – rather it’s about boosting social mobility for all, says ICAS President Indy Singh Hothi CA.

ICAS CEO Bruce Cartwright explains the strategic importance of EDI

CEO Bruce Cartwright CA shares how his own experiences have informed his conviction that equality, diversity and inclusion are matters of strategic importance.

Changes to the ICAS Code of Ethics – equality, diversity and inclusion

By Ann Buttery CA, Head of Ethics, ICAS Policy Leadership 9 October 2020 Ann Buttery, Head of Ethics, ICAS Policy Leadership, explains the amendments to the ICAS Code of Ethics to highlight the importance of CAs respecting values of equality, diversity and inclusion. ICAS Council has approved changes to the […]

Aneela Mather-Khan CA: ‘Mental health is something we should all be encouraged to prioritise’

Aneela Mather-Khan CA discusses how she overcame the experience of low mental health whilst working and studying, how the profession’s attitudes to mental health have changed and what firms can do to support the wellbeing of their employees.


Aneela Mather-Khan CA: ‘Mental health is something we should all be encouraged to prioritise’

Aneela Mather-Khan CA discusses how she overcame the experience of low mental health whilst working and studying, how the profession’s attitudes to mental health have changed and what firms can do to support the wellbeing of their employees.

January Blues

Combat the January blues

After the festive period, January and the winter season itself generally can leave us feeling a bit flat. With colder, darker days, people may notice they experience a dip in mood, feel more irritable, fatigued and less motivated. The reason for this may be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the less-severe form, the winter blues.

Learning to Listen

Learning to listen for true connection

Active listening can be a powerful tool for effective communication and connecting with colleagues. Ed Garvey-Long offers tips on how to get it right

Work Life Balance

“There is no such thing as work-life balance”

Solutions-based Therapist Gin Lalli sat down with ICAS President Indy Singh Hothi CA to discuss wellness at work, how leaders can support their employees and what you need to lead a happy life.

Sustainability & SDGs

Windmills at dawn

Insights from the Change for Sustainability Event

Sustainability should be at the forefront of everyone’s agenda, and yet, for many businesses, both large and small, it’s not!

Too many industries are not making changes to improve sustainability at a rapid enough pace. Recent climate events – from heatwaves, floods and wildfires that are occurring regularly and globally are an indicator that man-made climate change is very much happening now.

One Young World

One Young CA 2020, Amjad Hassan CA, on his standout moments from the One Young World Summit

When Amjad Hassan CA was named One Young CA in 2020, it put a spring in his step that’s still there two years later. Fresh from the annual One Young World gathering, he talks to Ryan Herman about Gen Z and rearranging the letters in ESG.

Net Zero Accountancy Protocol

Net Zero Accountancy Protocol

Net Zero Now, in collaboration with ICAEW, Sage (UK) Ltd, ACCA, AAT and the Good Business Charter, developed the Net Zero Accountancy Protocol, an accountancy-specific standard for reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions that has been peer reviewed by a broad base of stakeholders representing both the accountancy sector and sustainability and climate experts, and is aligned with international climate science.

Climate Change

Climate – What’s the role of the accountancy profession?

Climate change is a crucial issue for the accounting profession. Time is running out to take action, and ICAEW and its global community of members are driving the change to protect the environment for future generations. Are you professionally ready to mitigate the risk and maximise the opportunity of climate change? Find inspiration, information and practical resources to support the goals set out in the Paris Agreement and in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Paris Agreement

Paris-aligned accounts

The Paris Agreement aims to achieve net zero emissions globally by 2050. Reaching these goals will require action from all. ICAEW explores how accountants in business and practice can align corporate reporting to the Paris Agreement objectives.


A Strong Business Voice is Critical for the Adoption of an Ambitious Global Agreement for Nature

Over half of the world’s  GDP, $44 trillion of economic value, is at moderate or severe risk due to nature loss.

More than 1,000 businesses around the world are calling on governments to adopt policies now to reverse nature loss in this decade.

Climate for SME's

Climate for SME’s

Climate change is and will continue to affect businesses of all sizes. ICAEW is aiming to cut through the noise by providing tools and resources for small to medium sized businesses to build resilient business models. Here you will find guidance on where to start, how to mitigate the effects of climate change and adapt into the future. The stages outlined below will ask you simply: why, what, how and apply.

Digital Disruption

Digitalisation of tax 2022

Digitalisation of tax: international perspectives – 2022 edition

Digitalisation is transforming how tax is reported and paid, with significant innovation and investment occurring in countries of all kinds. There is no single pathway to digitalisation, as our case studies show, but there is something to be learned from all of them.


Ukraine crisis: the cyber threat from Russia is real

As politicians and businesses take a public stance against Russia, members should be prepared for some kind of retribution from its cyber agents.

Insights Podcast

Digital assets and inflation issues

On the latest ICAEW Insights podcast, we speak to Jamie Bartlett, author and presenter about the importance of digital assets.

Covid-19 - Global Recovery

Professional Accountants – Silent Heroes of the Pandemic

Owen Mavengere, the Technical Director at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) looks back at the last two years, and at the future as well, from a business leader viewpoint, particularly those with a professional accounting background.


How to tackle the pandemic’s effect on social mobility

Findings from research by the Resolution Foundation give key insights into what needs to be done to repair social mobility after the pandemic.
The shockwaves sent through the economy, labour market and children’s education by the pandemic must be addressed to repair social mobility, according to the Resolution Foundation.


Shaping the next phase of work – and beyond

As we embark on shaping the next phase of work, there is a mix of concern and excitement about getting the transition right. Kevin Empey explores what leaders can do with this once-in-a-generation opportunity to mould the future of work here and now.

women entrepreneurs

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs

While women entrepreneurs optimistically face the future in order to succeed, we cannot ignore the uneven challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic


LDC Graduation of Bangladesh

The United Nations held the first conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC) in 1981 to highlight LDCs special economic needs and to generate international attention for socio-economic development of the LDCs.

Non Financial Reporting

Non-financial reporting and narrative reporting are terms often used to refer to the information included in the ‘front half’ of the annual report and accounts.


Modern slavery and the role of accountants

By: Susan Rossney, Sustainability Officer for Chartered Accountants Ireland On 29 June 2022, Chartered Accountants Ireland partnered with Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA for a webinar on how accountants can tackle global modern slavery. While accountants are by no means at the forefront of the global fight against modern slavery, they […]


Pride: from celebration to inclusion

Being proud of who you are is a wonderful feeling. But what if you had to constantly hide who you are out of fear? Éirénne Carroll tells us her story and what we can do to make the workplace more inclusive. 


Inclusive Leadership To Drive DEI Efforts

It is worth reiterating that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are good for business, especially for firms in the professional services sector.

Global Trade

Diversify markets and innovate systems to thrive in 2022

ICAEW’s latest Business Confidence Monitor lays the path for a complex year ahead for some manufacturers, with staff shortages, tax burdens and government support difficulties all highlighted as bumps in the road.