Beyond Accounting: Mental Fitness Conference Highlights

Beyond Accounting: Mental Fitness

Catch some of the top moments with our prestigious speakers at the recent Beyond Accounting: Mental Fitness conference 


On Wednesday, May 19th, 2021, Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA presented the first conference of its 2021 Beyond Accounting Series. In partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) we hosted the Beyond Accounting – Mental Fitness virtual event, which educated finance professionals on Mental Fitness both in and out of the workplace.

With a variety of featured speakers, the audience was exposed to many ideas, including tactics for creating life balance and explanation of natural human subconscious patterns that affect us every day.

Below are six clips from the conference that zero in on some important moments with our speakers where they share thought leadership on their topics. To discover more about all the ideas they introduce and enjoy the entirety of the conference, find the full conference recordings here Mental Fitness.

Nathalie McVeigh, Consultant, Coach, Mediator, and Family Enterprise Advisor spoke on the idea of habits, and how they drive what we do for the majority of our lives. This correlates to the unrest that many felt when covid interrupted their daily habitual routines. Listen to her advice on how to deal with habit interruption and ensure productivity in this time.

Dee France, from Chartered Accountants Ireland and their Student Wellbeing Manager joined highlighted tips to limit anxiety in the workplace, as many people return to an in-person traditional work routine. This clip features Dee’s advice on how to change the dialogue of our subconscious, which often holds a negative perspective.

Lianne Stewart, Yoga, Breathwork, and Mediation Specialist at Flow by Season, shared a wealth of knowledge with the Mental Fitness audience. She spoke about building a pattern of daily mindful practice and how this can lower reaction to stressors upon first stimulation and impose more balance on daily life.

Lianne also shared the importance of using mindful practices to combat our natural fight flight freeze response to any external stressor. Listen to her advice on specific steps that could greatly impact mental health and change the repercussions of daily stress.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) values mental fitness greatly. Sarah Speirs, Executive Director for Member Engagement and Communications at ICAS, joined the Mental Fitness event as the moderator of our keynote and shared the ICAS perspective on the topic. Here she spoke of the goals that ICAS holds to incorporate Mental Fitness into their daily business for the benefit of the organization, the staff, and its members.

Mental Fitness and mental health are more important than ever in the current state of the workplace. Jonny Jacobs, Financial Director at Starbucks, portrays just how crucial workplace support and open conversation are to increasing emotional intelligence. See his thoughts on how the real difference may be made years before professionals enter a workplace in their schooling years. At all ages individuals, students and professionals need to be taught to be comfortable speaking to one another and validating each other’s mental state.

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