Difference Makers Discuss… The Value of Diversity

In this episode, our guests discuss the value of diversity. Exclusion and discrimination can take many forms. Whether the discrimination is based on age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, gender or other perceived differences, being treated unfairly at work for these reasons is a significant and insidious problem in many workplaces.

Our guests have all worked to battle discrimination in their lives and bring a unique perspective on how to tackle these issues on a personal and professional level. They will tell their story and discuss what the finance industry needs to do to stamp out discrimination.

Chartered Accountants are reliable, trusted voices and catalysts for change. Let our difference makers inspire you.

Meet the speakers


Host: Mandy Muchnick

Mandy is a CA(SA) and was appointed as the Chair for One Young World in Africa in 2019. She has spent her career in Investment Banking and Private Equity. With a passion for social upliftment, Mandy has also run a non-profit in her own time, imagine.nation, which focusses on formative year education and social entrepreneurship.


Guest: Mufseen Miah

Mufseen is an experienced financial accountant working in digital media specialising in FP&A and financial reporting for Little Dot Studios. He is a member of ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland) and has several years experience in auditing and assurance services, financial forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning.

Mufseen is the former financial director of Pride London and a tireless campaigner for LGBTQ+ rights.


Guest: Vincent Egunlae

Vincent is a Chartered Accountant, Assistant Manager, Strategic Leadership Team Grant Thornton UK, and is also the co-founder of his charity the Open Private School. Passionate about equal opportunities, Vincent and his partner founded this project back in October 2019.  The Open Private School seeks to help disadvantaged students by exposure to world leading experts in their industry of interest and through a 1:1 mentorship programme.


Guest: Caroline McGroary

Caroline  is a Chartered Accountant and Assistant Professor of Accounting at Dublin City University Business School (DCUBS). Caroline has spent a lot of time in Saudi Arabia where she is part of a collaboration with her university in Dublin, centered around the education of Saudi women. She is currently a Fulbright Scholar at Boston College.