Measuring the Most Valuable Asset – The Sequel

Join John Truzzolino and Sulaiman Afzal as they help viewers understand the new SEC disclosure rules for human capital. This presentation follows on from our ‘Measuring the Most Valuable Asset’ presentation from March 2021, but can be viewed independently as the subject material is self-contained.

After watching this webinar you will be able to better understand “SEC New human capital disclosure rules” and what should be considered in “Getting your company ready” .

  • Inventory all human capital measures or objectives that you focus on in managing the business.
  • Focus the inventory to include the measures that are material to an understanding of the business.
  • Implement processes and controls over the preparation and reporting of human capital measures.
  • Consider subsequent measurement and reporting. Human capital measures should be consistent from period to period. Changes to how the measures are used or calculated should be disclosed. External audits of human capital reporting .
  • Listen continuously to employees input in order to optimize performance and risk among the workforce.
  • Consider use of Disclosure Committee Charter for the new “ SEC New human capital disclosure rules

There are two other videos we suggest you review as background prior to the webinar:

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