Step into Your Power – Women’s Mini Conference

This webinar is designed to support women in the accountancy profession and business world who encounter obstacles in realising their true potential. Our panel of expert speakers will impart their wisdom and provide insights into how best to overcome key challenges, focusing on topics such as the realities of the menopause, addressing self-image and self-esteem, and showing us all how to become our authentic selves.


Loretta Dignam is an award-winning Marketer of the Year, who opened the doors to The Menopause Hub, Ireland’s first and only dedicated multidisciplinary menopause clinic in December 2018. Loretta is the founder and CEO. Loretta is an advocate for menopausal women and has developed a programme to support organisations with menopause in the workplace awareness and education training, and policy development.

John Murray is widely regarded as Ireland’s leading headshot photographer, John Murray is not only an award-winning portrait photographer but a speaker specialising in self-awareness education. John, a certified Mindfulness Master Practitioner and trained in Neurolinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, helps clients understand their stress triggers and the things that are holding them back. With emphasis on the substance rather than the superficial, his focus is drawing out the personalities and inner strengths of each person.

Patricia Byron Having spent the first part of her career in several leadership roles in the Financial Services industry, Patricia Byron established her own career development business in 2000. Since then, her passion is supporting women in the workplace. As an executive coach and leadership specialist, she recognises the unique challenges faced by women and works with women at all stages of their career to deepen their understanding of their own unique power.

From annual Autumn/Winter wellness series hosted by Chartered Accountants Ireland.