FinBiz2030 UK Task Force

FinBiz2030 UK Regional Task Force

Chartered Accountants Worldwide, One Young World and the City of London launched Finance & Business 2030 in the Mansion House, London on 2 April 2019.

The event brought together the finance and business community as a force for change, identifying opportunities and encouraging a commitment to tackle the issues and achieve the long-term goals. The launch event was attended by professionals with finance and business skills across industries.

UK Task Force Leadership


Emma Bell

Founder of both Beyond the Balance and Manifesto Maker


Jolyon ‘Jolly’ Layard Horsfall

CEO at TotemFi, CFO at Happy Space and Corporate Tax Associate at Grant Thornton

UK Task Force Priorities

UK Task Force Priorities

  • Mobilising climate action through tangible and best practise guidelines for financial services professionals
  • Creating an internal programme for corporations that promotes a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Developing an industry-wide consensus to define sustainability
  • Improving and innovating diversity networks within an organisation
  • Increase financial pledges from Financial Institutions (FIs) by USD1trn over 10 years to mobilise funds to finance all SDGs with a particular focus on climate change

UK Task Force Workstreams

UK Task Force Workstreams

During 2020 the UK Task Force laid the foundation for the operational structure going forward and set out 6 primary workstreams which now have a clear plan and target potential KPI’s to feed through into an impact report.

There has also been collaboration to support the launch of task forces in South Africa, Ireland and soon to be an addition of Scotland (extension of the UK Task Force). This has lead to the involvement and engagement of roughly 100 young leaders across the finance and business industry with more to come.

This has lead to the involvement and engagement of roughly 100 young leaders across the finance and business industry with more to come.

The Finbiz 2030 series has also been a resounding success with the inaugural session run by the UK generating over 2 million impressions on twitter with live viewers from over 80 countries.

Open Private School

SDG Awareness

UK Task Force Workstreams: Objectives

Workstreams: Objectives


  • Objective: Make personal money matter. The mission is about educating young professionals/millennials about ethical investment and overall money options to drive the demand for more transparency about where our money goes, avoiding greenwashing and SDG window dressing.
  • Progress: This has lead to the launch of the ‘Meaningful Money Series’ which is about showcasing individuals and organisations active in this space.

Luke & Tom

  • Objective: Build a ‘Universal’ Green Bank.
  • Progress: They have established a group of 15 passionate, young professionals trying to rethink how finance can respond to the climate emergency in the most practical way possible under the banner of a ‘’Universal Green Bank’’ (‘’UGB’’). These 15 professionals will endeavour to create viable business ideas and models that fundamentally change the way we look at incumbent finance – all in line with SDG 13, “Climate Action”.


  • Objective: Get USD 1trn of pledges from banks to support the SDGs

Vincent & Caroline

  • Objective: To give every student the privilege of a private school network.
  • Progress: This initiative has seen the creation of the Open Private School. In response to SDG8, the duo aims to create an internal programme for corporations that promotes inclusive economic growth and equal access to employment opportunities.


  • Objective: Improve transparency and collaboration of Internal Networks

Sam & Lyle

  • Objective: To create an SME resource centre compiling all the best content, frameworks, partners, tips & tricks to implement sustainability into your business.
  • Progress: They identified their target groups and are using their networks to reach out and contact them, raising awareness for FinBiz2030, the different initiatives and how to get involved.