On Demand webinar

One of the biggest challenges with implementation of AI-based solutions is the ability to articulate to key stakeholders the benefits of AI over more traditional analytics, and being able to define, upfront, the potential return on investment (ROI) from an AI implementation.
In this webinar, Ellen Ward explores how to successfully deliver AI projects, drawing on six key pillars and outlining some of the considerations necessary when defining a business’ AI strategy. She’ll look at the risks and reasons why AI projects can fail and provide practical guidance on how to give your AI project the best chance of success. The webinar will also explore how to measure ROI on AI projects, and articulate this to stakeholders.

Key benefits

  • The six pillars of delivering successful AI
  • Getting ROI from an AI project
  • Risks which lead to failure, and how to avoid them


Ellen Ward

Ellen Ward, AI Delivery and Strategy Consultant, Elbridge AI

Ellen Ward is an AI strategy consultant and speaker who has delivered real-world value across businesses and not-for-profit through AI programmes. Having previously developed the ICAEW’s award-winning ‘Mia’ virtual assistant, during the pandemic Ellen led a large UK charity to deliver award-winning chatbots to support healthcare professionals and patients, whilst halving their annual six-figure AI budget Ellen is on the data science curriculum advisory board at Milton Keynes University (MK:U) and is a voluntary project lead for the Scottish Tech Army’s first AI project.

Ian Pay

Ian Pay, Head of Data Analytics & Tech, ICAEW

Ian has recently joined ICAEW as Head of Data Analytics and Tech, looking at the role that analytics and technology solutions play in the profession. Prior to this, Ian worked for over 10 years at PwC in Data Analytics, specialising in External Audit and Data Acquisition and developing robust and automated ETL processes to support the firm’s award-winning Halo suite of applications. Ian also played an active role in the development and delivery of training courses, with digital upskilling being an area he is particularly passionate about. He has previously trained as a secondary school teacher and a musician.

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