View this exciting online event, where Art Kleiner presents the 7 principles for responsible technology based on his book ‘The AI Dilemma’.

In the second part of the event Art was joined by Jannie Wentzel (moderator) and Chris Easton (panelist) for an open discussion on AI and Accountants.

This webinar will leave you with a deeper understanding of how AI presents both opportunities and challenges, especially for the accounting profession.

Subject Matter:

Presentation on the AI Dilemma – 7 principles for responsible technology and a discussion about ‘AI and Accountants’.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the session, viewers will have achieved the following objectives:

  1. To understand the 7 principles for responsible technology, derived from research on self-regulation in corporations, on interviews with leaders in the field, and on emerging new regulations.
  2. To better understand the impact – opportunities and challenges – for AI and Accountants.

The AI Dilemma

Panel discussion with Jannie Wentzel and Chris Easton.

View the full event here.