Managing mental wellbeing is essential if we are to foster a more productive workplace and better work environment.

In this section we explore how Chartered Accountants are bringing about positive change such as mental health initiatives.

Promoting Mental Health for Chartered Accountants

Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots. The key tenets of wellness as both preventive and holistic can be traced back to ancient civilizations.

Trying to keep fit and healthy is something many of us include in our daily routines. Visiting the gym, a balanced diet and playing sports is now commonplace for many professionals. But how many of us give our mental fitness the same attention as we give our physical fitness?

To help ensure that you are successful it is more important than ever to keep focused on personal wellness and mental wellbeing.  In order to help you navigate an uncertain world we have collated a range of great online resources from our member institutes that will help you to overcome the personal and professional challenges that face us daily.

Mental Health resources for Chartered Accountants

Featured Event

Difference Makers Discuss ... Mental Health Matters

Difference Makers Discuss… Mental Health Matters

Join us for the second in our Difference Makers Discuss Series. In this episode our Difference Makers discuss Mental Health Matters. Guests include Ronan Dunne, Jonny Jacobs, and Dee France.

Insights on Wellness

Insights on Wellness

Preventing workplace harassment

Preventing Workplace Harassment

This is a resource page where individuals and accounting firms can find useful references on preventing bullying and harassment at the workplace. Together as an accountancy profession, let us foster a safe working environment for all. While Singapore has made significant strides in tackling the issue of workplace harassment in […]

PIE Firms Network Engages With Forward Singapore

PIE Firms Network Engages With Forward Singapore

The Institute warmly welcomed Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Finance & National Development Indranee Rajah, and Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport Chee Hong Tat, at the refurbished ISCA House. The engagement session with ISCA’s PIE Firms Network on January 6 was part […]

Burnt out

Thrive: Stressed out and burnt out- what to do about it

Here, Thrive (Chartered Accountants Ireland’s wellbeing hub) discusses what burnout is and how we can deal with it to regain balance and begin to feel hopeful again.

Featured Podcast

Difference Makers Podcast Jonny Jacobs

Jonny Jacobs – Ending the stigma around mental health

In this episode Indy meets Jonny Jacobs CA, is the Finance Director EMEA at Starbucks, he is also a passionate advocate for positive mental health.

Jonny speaks openly about his own struggles with mental health in his teens and talks about the importance of acknowledging challenges people may be experiencing in their lives.

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Online Events & Webinars

Online Events & Webinars

One clear way that Chartered Accountant Member Institutes are rising to this challenge is in the creation and hosting of online events and activities.

We are working with the Institutes to present the events that have a global perspective and are available to Chartered Accountants everywhere.


Webinars on demand

Performance with Care

Performance with care webinar

In this session Declan Scott BSc (Mgmt), MA, FCA explored the definition of resilience followed by insights from the latest research. Resilience Institute tracked 23,990 professionals over two years to discover which skills and practices support the highest performers.


Coping with anxiety-Life is Tough, but so are you.

With the spike of Anxiety in 2022, this conversation focuses on Anxiety, coping mechanism and how to navigate through 2022, when your anxiety spikes or strikes. Anxiety is all too real, it effects an individual’s personal and professional life. We discuss how anxiety impacts decision, judgement and choices.


How core beliefs shape our behaviour

Using the ABC paradigm of thinking and behaving is a good way to start shaping our beliefs, through managing our self-perceptions and self-images. ABC is an abbreviation that stands for Antecedents, Behaviour, and Consequences. As a method for behaviour assessment and formulation, it is particularly beneficial when clinicians, clients, caretakers or individuals are interested in understanding the ‘active ingredients’ of self-diagnosing a problem that may arise.

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We're delighted to launch The President's Podcast. Find out what @theicai President Debashis Mitra thinks about the profession's future and the impact events like #WCOA, which his institute hosted last year, can have. http://ow.ly/uQWV50OrOVj

As we celebrate World Environment Day today why not visit our Sustainability Hub and discover how your organisation can start or continue it’s sustainability journey: https://charteredaccountantsworldwide.com/sustainability-roadmap/
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Download the Survey Findings: More than 3,500 mid-career men and women participated in the study across 8 countries, including over forty in-depth interviews. The survey revealed that while some in-roads have been made, there is still much to do for the profession to both attract and retain female ...talent – especially mid-career.

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New podcast series launches from the #DifferenceMakers. The President's Podcasts sees former President Kate Borer from @Chartered_Accts discuss the profession's future and her journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant. http://ow.ly/IEc250OrSQU

Happy #Pride month from all of us - head over to our site for a peek at some of our content: https://charteredaccountantsworldwide.com/category/diversity/

New Podcast Series: We're delighted to launch The President's Podcast. Find out what @ICASaccounting
Former President @IndyHothi thinks about the profession's future and the impact events like #WCOA, can have. http://ow.ly/q3z150OrQ3t

New Podcast Series: We're delighted to launch The President's Podcast - a new series from the Difference Makers. Find out what @ICAEW President Julia Penny thinks about the profession's future and the impact events like #WCOA can have. http://ow.ly/ewx950OrOHt

We've created a roadmap that aims to provide signposts to Chartered Accountants to understand sustainability and its impact on their work in the private, public or third sector.

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Sustainability Roadmap

The role of Chartered Accountants is changing as the need to do business sustainably becomes more central to how companies and consumers operate. The...


PRIDE MONTH: Our colleagues @ISCA_offical are hosting a webinar on Facilitating a Gender-Diverse and Gender-Equal Workplace from Global and Local perspectives. When? June 16 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm IST. Cost: $108. http://ow.ly/4T0c50OrNqs #ED&I

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Facilitating a Gender-Diverse and Gender-Equal Workplace from Both Global and Local perspectives

Join us on 16 June 2023 to discuss on creating a DE&I workplace, sharing findings from Mapping Women’s Career Journey, a joint global study by...