Throughout 2016 and 2017, Chartered Accountants Worldwide is convening a series of global discussions and debates.

The events provide solutions for businesses to adapt their cultures and practices to navigate the changing economic, legislative, technological, generational and cultural environment.

The events are hosted in major international markets, bringing together senior participants from the worlds of business and finance as well as representatives from tomorrow’s generation of leaders.

The inaugural event in Sydney, Australia which took place in September 2016, centred on the theme of trust, as this critical element is at the heart of the value chartered accountants bring to the business world.

Future topics for discussion will look at the way technology is reshaping business and the role of leaders in building a culture of trust.

Over the course of 2016 and 2017, all member institutes of Chartered Accountants Worldwide hosted a debate or event based on the theme of trust, and we will publish related content on these pages. Check back regularly to see more details.



Chartered Accountants Worldwide interviewed top chartered accountants from around the world to get their opinions on topics ranging from trends in finance and how technology is impacting the profession to the importance of ethics, and how a chartered accountant can be a business leader.


Each week, we’ll be posting short videos to Twitter under the hashtag #CharteredAccountant. The videos have been organised into eight themes, listed opposite. Follow us on Twitter @CharteredWW to make sure you don’t miss out, and be sure to check back for our regularly updated blog.


» How a CA qualification helps your career
» The role of digital technology
» Ethics in business
» Reasons to be a CA
» Leadership
» Journey to becoming a CA
» Industry trends
» Advice for a CA


Nutan Wozencroft, CFO at UNESCO, shares career lessons

Nutan Wozencroft, CFO at UNESCO and ICAEW member, shares career lessons from the learning curve.

Hear how qualifying as a Chartered Accountant helped build a career for Thuto Masasa

Hear how qualifying as a chartered accountant helped build a career for Thuto Masasa of Nkonki Inc and SAICA member.

Diverse roles, risk-taking and long-term thinking: career advice for a Chartered Accountant

Diverse roles, risk-taking and long-term thinking: career advice for a Chartered Accountant from Nutan Wozencroft, CFO at UNESCO and ICAEW member


Chartered Accountants give advice to the profession’s next generation

At Chartered Accountants Worldwide, there’s no shortage of experienced professionals to pass on their knowledge and advice to anyone starting their finance career. Focusing on the long term, and absorbing lessons along the way, are key takeaways for accountants entering the profession.

Chartered Accountants share thoughts on trends shaping tomorrow’s business

In the business world, many trends are shaping what the future will look like, and Chartered Accountants have a front-row seat as the change happens.

Starting early: Chartered Accountants share their stories on the way to career success.

Each person entering the profession of Chartered Accountant has their own unique story to tell. Here are some of the insights from members at the top of their game.


Business Performance Management – working with tensions

Leading on business performance management (BPM) is challenging and our members say some help grounded in organisational reality would be valuable. Based on the experience of Philip Smith, a successful turnaround specialist, the report focuses on dealing with the inevitable tensions in organisations such as coping with conflicting stakeholder needs. As well as comprehensive analysis the report includes six real-life case studies.

The future of blockchain

New technologies are driving growth of the digital economy, with one of these being distributed ledger technology (DLT), and its most common application – blockchain. Blockchain began as the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin, but the potential applications for its use extend far beyond this […]

Harnessing big data for greater business insight

Numbers have always been the lifeblood of the accountancy profession. Now, the trends of big data and analytics promise to increase the volume and velocity of this information flowing to finance professionals. Just as commerce thrives on information […]