March 13, 2018

Crime and accountants – the rules get tougher

Accountants be warned. In a new tougher anti-crime climate, Australian authorities have made it clear that accountants will be fined and prosecuted for being knowingly concerned in misdealings carried out by their clients – especially those which underpay workers.
March 6, 2018
Six steps accountants can take to prepare for GDPR

Six steps accountants can take to prepare for GDPR

Come May 2018, all businesses within the EU will be required to implement the General Data Protection Regulation. Peter Bolger maps out what you can do to make sure your firm is compliant.
February 27, 2018

How to attract top accountancy and finance talent

Attracting the best candidates into the world of accountancy and finance is something of a preoccupation for ICAEW. To appeal to the brightest brains out there, it’s important to ensure pathways into the profession are appropriate for a fast-changing world.
November 27, 2017

SAICA: Supplementary material related to Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR)

The new NOCLAR provisions affect all PAs, whether in public practice providing (any) professional services to clients, or whether in business carrying out professional activities for an employing organisation.
November 14, 2017

The Regulator of 2030: regulating our digital future

This paper explores the rapidly changing landscape brought about by technology and how it undermines many of the barriers that protect public authority. We examine the readiness of regulators in 2030 and beyond.
October 21, 2017

What if the workplace was a place of joy?

Richard Sheridan, author of Joy, Inc.: How we Built a Workplace People Love, explains his management style to Ricardo Semler. For most people, “joy” isn’t the word that springs to mind when they think of software development [...]
October 17, 2017

How accountancy firms can retain the best talent

A third of qualified accountants say they plan to change jobs next year. So how can you make sure you hang on to your best staff? Rachel Willcox outlines a retention strategy. Your business is only as good as the people you employ [...]
October 3, 2017

Getting to grips with audit quality

The accounting regulator is calling on firms to improve their audit quality control procedures. But what is audit quality and how do stakeholders know if a quality audit has been delivered? Caroline Biebuyck reports.
September 26, 2017
Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals – New approach that aligns with doing business

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – A report has been published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and ICAS, in partnership with the Green Economy Coalition outlining a new approach that supports businesses looking to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs as part of [...]
September 19, 2017

An overview of accounting enforcement in Europe

Financial reporting plays an essential role in securing and maintaining investors’ confidence in financial markets. It is now universally accepted that effective financial reporting depends on the rigorous and consistent enforcement of high quality standards.