December 15, 2022

New AI standards hub launched

The AI Standards Hub, launched by the government in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute, BSI and the National Physical Laboratory, was set up as a source of information, training and guidance for businesses of all kinds that are either using or considering using AI within their systems and processes.
December 7, 2022

ICAEW Climate Essay Competition

Aimed at students and recently qualified members, ICAEW is holding a competition asking entrants to submit a 5,000-word essay, video, podcast, or other media format, answering the question: The Great Transition: what do we need to do and what role does the accountancy profession have?
December 6, 2022

COP27 – The Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan – ‘A down-payment on climate justice’

November 22, 2022

Purpose, people and planet

A new playbook offers actionable insights for not-for-profits and charities which have a critical role in the transition to a sustainable future.
November 3, 2022

ESG in Deals and Investment

September 30, 2022

Overview of ESG Phenomenon

Climate change is impacting us globally and affecting the way businesses are being conducted. The affects that the weather has brought can be seen to be changing the way people live their daily lives. In order to have a sustainable business the owners have realized that to participate in keeping a minimum impact of climate change the business operations can contribute, be it in the ambit of reducing carbon emissions or creating an environment whereby the parties collaborating in a business activity all are brought towards the direction of positive impact on having a safe living environment.
September 30, 2022

Climate Change

Our planet is heating up rapidly and it’s a scientific fact that humanity will face disaster if we don’t cut down on greenhouse gas emissions massively and quickly. But climate change itself is not our problem. It’s merely a symptom of another problem that’s even bigger in scale and that many people don’t quite see yet. If we don’t succeed in understanding and solving this core problem (which is the root cause of many other problems as well), we won’t be able to tackle climate change either.
September 29, 2022

Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Management

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance or ESG is a program, an approach or rather a conduct to gauge the extent to which the organization works on social, environmental and governance motto besides its ultimate objective of profit maximization for its shareholders. ESG program is now more of a obligation or necessity that has become integral part of any industry to build a sustainable business. ESG represents a more stakeholder oriented approach rather than shareholder centric approach for undertaking business.
September 29, 2022

ESG Risks – an Overview

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Corporate Governance Management. It is an emerging area in corporate strategy and risk governance to ensure sustainability of an entity with an extra focus from investment community in general, and the global regulators for financial institutions. However, the implications are equally critical for industries.
September 29, 2022

ESG – As “good” as it sounds?

Modern times have brought about such sophistication in investment decisions that encompass around much more than lone “profit motive” for conscious investors. “Enviro-Socio-Governance” (ESG), are the core elements at heart, for preliminary screening process employed by investors acting responsibly, that define what boxes need a must check, before assigning a prospective investment, the “good-to-go” tag. In 2021, US witnessed a whopping $5 trillion increase in investors’ assets hand-picked using this responsible approach. Moreover, companies have come forward in the race to lead from front, as the most ESG compliant businesses, to foster their market repute and ultimately boost market capitalization through sensible gain in stock value. Interestingly, one third of all the assets that are being professionally managed globally, are considered to be ESG compliant, totaling roughly to $30 trillion in 2021.